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Welcome To Screenplay Worthy.

We aim to help great authors find their way through
the maze of online screenwriting information.

Our goal is to offer the best advice that we can decipher from our own research.

With our database of Hollywood Producers/Companies/Investors, we are able to direct authors
where to send inquiry letters about their book(s) and screenplay(s).

We offer help writing inquiry letters to publishers, producers and companies
that best suit your book (screenplay) needs.

If you are a Producer and/or Investor looking for new projects, we welcome you.
Please feel free to contact the authors that we list here or contact Cold Coffee Press
directly to discuss books that we believe are worth your time and consideration.


We read, review, endorse and promote books from every publisher.
Open the door to your success today.


Always Protect Your Manuscript/Book/Screenplay
With A Copyright At The Library Of Congress


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